5 Reasons Why You Need a WordPress Maintenance Package


This is the best reason for keeping your site up to date. WordPress is the CMS used to run around 30% of the world’s websites and due to this popularity, it is, like Microsoft Windows, a common target for hackers. WordPress is open-source software so anyone can study the source code and find vulnerabilities.
But there are good hackers who enjoy finding vulnerabilities and reporting them to the community. In this way the WordPress team is kept aware of any potential threats to the codebase and they release updates to fix the issues.
However, it means that bad hackers can search for older versions of WordPress and exploit these known vulnerabilities.
If you’re running an older version of WordPress, you are running with a potential security threat.
The same goes for your plugins, if they are not up to date, the same vulnerability issues apply.

Speed (SEO)

The WordPress development team is always working to speed-up WordPress. Each new release of WordPress is faster than the last. Speed is a major factor in obtaining good ranking scores with Google, so this alone is a good reason to keep your site updated.

New features

Each new release comes with new features. Old sites very soon start to look, well, – old, as other sites take advantage of the new features in new releases.

Bug fixes

Despite rigorous testing, all software comes with its share of bugs. These are fixed and released as minor version updates and need to be applied.

Plugin compatibility issues

Sometimes WordPress updates break plug-in functionality. For this reason, it is crucial to keep up-to-date site backups. If your site is upgraded without a backup and plugin functionality is broken, it is a long road back to full site functionality.



·       Increased security·       In rare cases your site may break
·       Faster site·       This is alleviated with regular backups
·       New features
·       As bug free as possible
·       Good compatibility

For the above reasons, it is crucial that you keep your website up to date. Checkout our Website Maintenance Packages here.