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Vexpo is short for ‘Virtual Expo‘. Vexpo is a WordPress plugin coded by CodeRiver Studio to provide WordPress users with virtual exhibition capabilities for their website.

The plugin sets up multiple Halls, each of which contain multiple Stands. The Stands are clickable from the Halls.

The Halls display all Stands which are turned on.

Click counters are available to logged in users and show –

  • stand
  • url and
  • products visited

Stand TV screens expand on hover as do the products.


Stand customisation includes –

  • Display of stand  – on-off
  • 8 Stand display types
  • Stand contact
    – Title, Name, Phone, email, company url
  • Colours (full colour selection)
    – Wall(s), Counter
  • Products (5)
    – Name, product website url, image/video
  • Video for main screen display

All customisation of Stands is done completely in the ‘WordPress Customizer’, making it simple to setup and teardown exhibitions. All images uploaded to media centre are available for selection in the WordPress customizer.

Halls and Stands are coded in in-line Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) embedded with PHP code to allow full customisation and fast load times.

As Vexpo is a plugin, all normal theme capability is retained and Vexpo becomes an integral part of your website.

Vexpo use cases

  • Car shows
  • Retail shopping centres
  • Exhibitions
  • Mardis Gras
  • Markets
  • Bazaars
  • Online Stores with Stands holding 5 products each and a Stand video

If you need online exhibition/display capability, Vexpo can provide it.

Demo Site

The demo site is a copy of a Vexpo exhibition by CAA (Council of Ambulance Authorities) for their CAA2021 online exhibition due to Covid 19 restrictions. The ‘Welcome’ menu item explains more in a welcome popup.

This plugin is available through CodeRiver Studio and customization can be undertaken if necessary to suit your exhibition. Vexpo can be used in conjunction with live physical exhibitions to provide patrons with additional online experiences.

Stands from the CAA Vexpo Exhibition